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An Update on Auckland Property Prices


By Rupert Gough As it turns out, up isn't the only way that the Auckland property market can go. Rupert Gough explores what is going on in the recent drop in Auckland sales prices.  Recent numbers from the QV House Price Index have shown that Auckland values have dropped for the second month in a row, meaning that the average value of a house is down by 0.8% since December 2015. While 0.8% is hardly game-changing, this represents a large drop off in the gains that were previously experienced by Auckland property owners. Interestingly enough, the surrounding areas of Auckland haven’t [...]

An Update on Auckland Property Prices2018-03-15T15:29:37+13:00

To Make A Claim or Not To Make A Claim


When is an incident a claim, or when is it not a claim – that is the question... In my role as an insurance adviser, it is very common to meet people who have had an event that could lead to a claim and payout on their insurance cover – but who have never claimed as they were not sure or did not know what their cover actually provided. Having insurance is one thing – but making it work for you and actually being able to make a claim is something completely different. A number of years ago I bought an [...]

To Make A Claim or Not To Make A Claim2017-09-05T08:36:55+13:00