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Why is it important to use an Insurance Adviser?


Often a contentious issue with ‘having insurance’ being a need rather than a want and with banks, insurance companies and the internet all vying for your business – not to mention some supermarkets and other industries getting in on the act. This will inevitably lead to confusion, a lack of good advice and weak products. More often than not I come across potential clients who have little or no idea what kinds of insurance are available to them or how they work – and all too often who have insurance which they do not understand and their monthly direct debit being [...]

Why is it important to use an Insurance Adviser?2018-03-15T15:25:59+13:00

Could you live on $374.53 per week?


When I asked someone that question today, they instantly responded with ‘Hell No’ - and I suspect you are thinking the same thing. The shocking truth about this amount is that it is what you can expect to receive today if you are single and are at retirement age... Yes, that really is it, after all the years you have worked and the contribution you have made. If you are married and both at retirement age, you could expect to receive the sum of $288.10 each. A total of $576.20 per week! So, what can you do about it? If you [...]

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