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How Do You Get Good Bacteria Into Your Body


How do you get good bacteria into your body and why is it important?  I am asked this question all the time –just last night someone asked me about sauerkraut and adding it to their meals. Our microbiome is vitally important in our overall health – supporting our immune system and helping our gut perform at its best all the time. Some communities of bacterial species in the gut have been associated with good health, others with any of a long list of conditions — including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, bowel disease and liver disease. Unfortunately, from the day we are [...]

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Are we killing our children with love?? Are we overdosing them on sugar?


As a parent I know how much we want only the very best for our children.  How we protect them as much as we possibly can and would go to the ends of the earth to ensure their welfare and happiness. But... Are we being driven by what is happening around us – are we following trends and habits that may not be in our children’s best interests – is the food manufacturing industry betraying our earnest endeavours at every step of our journey? Hard questions – and even harder to answer for ourselves. I was recently at a 9 year [...]

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Tune up, Tone up… Or simply Turn Up!


New Year’s resolutions often end up being forgotten within the first couple of weeks - or not even planned in the first place. Has that ever happened to you? We know that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and/or to lose weight. Great intentions... But how do you get started? That is really the $64 million dollar question. Often we make it way too difficult for ourselves and try to do everything all at once - and end up in pain, starving hungry, bored with eating the same thing day after day and then we [...]

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