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Have you made plans for your retirement? Will you have the finances to follow those dreams?

We know that 80% of New Zealanders are not financially prepared for retirement.

In fact, most of that 80% not only do not have a plan but also do not know how much money they would actually need to offer them a lifestyle they could enjoy.

Are you one of the 80%?

Do you even know how much you would need to have coming in each year through your retirement years to give you lifestyle choices?

A recent survey and article by ANZ Bank in the NZ Herald stated that most people, if retiring today, would be approximately $200 per week short of the money they would require to live even a basic and no frills lifestyle.

Is that how you picture your retirement?

Our passion is to help you onto your roadmap to a comfortable lifestyle in retirement – one that fits your dreams.  One that helps you to make the best use of your money in order to provide you with a comfortable retirement

If you would like some help to review your roadmap, we can help.  At VitalSure we work with a number of advisers who are qualified and experienced in helping you to put a plan in place to make the best use of your money today to give you the best choices in the future.  Whether it is advice around KiwiSaver or managed funds, or if you are thinking about investing in property – they may just be able to put together a plan to suit you.

Simply give us a call and book in for a no obligation and free review.  09 366 3077.  Call us today.

Recently Massey University Fin-Ed Centre’s research showed that an Auckland couple would need to have a combined $552,000 in their savings to have some choices in their retirement. And that is today – not in ten, fifteen or 20 years time.

Contact Katie today and start planning your financial future.

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