feat imageNew Year’s resolutions often end up being forgotten within the first couple of weeks – or not even planned in the first place. Has that ever happened to you?

We know that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and/or to lose weight. Great intentions… But how do you get started? That is really the $64 million dollar question.

Often we make it way too difficult for ourselves and try to do everything all at once – and end up in pain, starving hungry, bored with eating the same thing day after day and then we give up… All inside the first week!!

So let’s examine what it is we are trying to do – possibly we want to lose some weight – so the question has to be, how long did it take for those extra kilos to make an appearance – a month, a year or even longer? Sometimes we look for instant results that may just not be realistic. We want to be fitter, get a toned body, look fabulous on the beach – but another good question is, how am I going to do that and do I have to go to the gym every day and workout for hours on end, ending up in lots of pain and being disgruntled and ready to give up – all in the first few weeks? After all, you may not have been to the gym or done any exercise for years.

Hmmm… Maybe none of that is really ideal and, maybe there is a better way.

Losing weight does not have to be about giving up your favourite foods, neither does exercising mean that you cannot move for a week after your first session. No pain, no gain… Ever heard that before? Well, I am here to tell you that that is ridiculous.

Why put yourself under pressure, deprive yourself of yummy food, work out in a gym doing things you have never done before and end up with sore muscles that you didn’t even know were there in the first place!

Doesn’t that sound slightly insane to you – well, it does to me.

Firstly, you have to be very clear what it is you are trying to achieve. And then you have to make a plan on how you will get there. Like every goal we have in life, it is about the journey and not simply about the destination. Yes, you want to lose some weight, get into smaller sized clothing, look more toned and build some muscle or lose some body fat. But – it simply isn’t going to happen overnight, and you have to have a plan! Without a plan, the best intentions in the world are just never going to happen.

Be very clear on what it is that you want, have a mentor, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer to help and guide you – they are the experts and probably know more than your well-meaning friend who tells you to go on a water fast for 7 days or be in the gym morning and night for at least a month with a ridiculous programme that is just impossible to follow.

Everyone is different; we all have different motivations as well as likes and dislikes. You may not be able to bear the thought of not having a glass of wine with your friends on a Friday evening, or giving up chocolate completely. Deprivation will stall your attempts every time – to lose weight you want a plan that puts you in control, still includes some of those foods you really love and doesn’t leave you hungry at the end of the day and craving ‘something nice’.

Equally, having an exercise programme that suits you is extremely important. If you have not exercised in a long time you may want to start out with a simple 20 minute walk each day – and increase that time up to 40 or 45 minutes as you feel fitter. Once you are starting to feel comfortable with exercising again, you can step it up with some strength exercises in the gym.

You may have decided to get that new gym membership – but if you haven’t been to the gym in a long while, than signing up on a contract for a year with no idea of what you are going to do could be a big mistake – let alone an expensive one. So having a plan, a Personal Trainer to help you with an initial assessment and then to put together a programme that works for you is much more likely to mean that you will go regularly and get you the results you are looking for. Having a programme that lasts for 30 – 40 minutes and incorporates exercises that you really enjoy is also extremely important – otherwise it gets too hard and you quickly give up.

For example, I have a friend who tells me she wants to ‘tone’ for her wedding in a couple of months. She was adamant that she hates the idea of going to the gym and knows she will give up within a week or two. She does a little bit at home but knows it is not enough and wants to be pushed a little harder to do more. My suggestion was to do something outdoors, in a group or one-on-one basis out in the fresh air doing exercises she enjoys and having someone to be accountable to – she loved the idea and is getting started this week.

Whatever it is you are planning or want to do, be kind on yourself. Deprivation diets and extreme exercise programmes are going to scuttle your New Year’s resolutions faster than you could probably do eight squats!

So whether you want to lose weight, have a special occasion to go to and want to wear that new dress you saw in the shop window but in a smaller size, or simply want to tone up and get fitter – there are two essential things to do – make a plan and then ‘Turn Up’. It is no good having a plan and roadmap to where it is you want to be and then not actually getting started… That will accomplish nothing. Remember, a journey of 1,000 miles starts with just one step – don’t leave it until tomorrow, get started on that journey to a ‘new you’ today!!

If you need any help in putting a plan together or in making that first step toward your goals, then get in contact and we can point you in the right direction – VitalSure have just the right experts that you need to help you on your journey and getting you to where it is you want to go. No guesswork required to decide who is the right person – just a phone call, a plan and the determination to ‘Turn Up’ and get started.

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