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Tune up, Tone up… Or simply Turn Up!


New Year’s resolutions often end up being forgotten within the first couple of weeks - or not even planned in the first place. Has that ever happened to you? We know that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and/or to lose weight. Great intentions... But how do you get started? That is really the $64 million dollar question. Often we make it way too difficult for ourselves and try to do everything all at once - and end up in pain, starving hungry, bored with eating the same thing day after day and then we [...]

Tune up, Tone up… Or simply Turn Up!2016-01-28T05:15:12+13:00

Could you live on $374.53 per week?


When I asked someone that question today, they instantly responded with ‘Hell No’ - and I suspect you are thinking the same thing. The shocking truth about this amount is that it is what you can expect to receive today if you are single and are at retirement age... Yes, that really is it, after all the years you have worked and the contribution you have made. If you are married and both at retirement age, you could expect to receive the sum of $288.10 each. A total of $576.20 per week! So, what can you do about it? If you [...]

Could you live on $374.53 per week?2016-01-20T23:52:03+13:00

Are you getting enough Iron?


We all want to look and feel our best – especially as spring is just around the corner.  We want those sexy curves, toned and tight butt and nicely defined arms.  We look in the mirror every day and may often think ‘I don’t like this about that’ or ‘I am unhappy with that aspect of my body’.  We torture ourselves and think how hard it is to have a toned body, or fit those yummy skinny jeans in the wardrobe, or how we are going to look in that super new outfit we have bought for some special occasion.  [...]

Are you getting enough Iron?2015-12-16T21:50:30+13:00

Tips to help stay on track with healthy eating


If you have been invited to a friend’s house for a meal, offer to take a big green salad. How many times have you arrived, only to find a miniscule offering of green stuff? At least if you take a decent sized salad you know there is something you can fill your plate with. […]

Tips to help stay on track with healthy eating2015-12-16T21:50:43+13:00

Does it pay to Break Your Fixed-Rate Loan?


What if you’re locked in to a fixed interest rate and interest rates keep dropping. Can you get out of that fixed rate? And is it worth it? Oh boy! Those interest rates have really fallen. Your neighbour just fixed his mortgage at 4.35% for one year and you’re stuck on 5.29% from earlier this year. When you fix your mortgage, you are promising to borrow money from the bank at a certain rate for a certain time. You get the benefit of knowing exactly what you will pay over that time and the bank gets a promise that you will [...]

Does it pay to Break Your Fixed-Rate Loan?2015-12-16T21:50:53+13:00

Case Study: If You’re Pre-Approved Should You Go Unconditional?


All banks aren’t created equal. One might say “no” to your home loan application, another might say “yes”, and another still might say “yes” but mean “maybe”. Rupert explains how your pre-approval process can go wrong and how best to avoid the pitfalls. This month’s case study involves a client of mine who recently almost came unstuck on a property purchase and almost lost their deposit in the process—potentially scary stuff. […]

Case Study: If You’re Pre-Approved Should You Go Unconditional?2015-12-16T21:51:04+13:00

Our website is coming soon…


  In the meantime, how much importance do we put on the health and wellbeing of our business and employees? A VitalSure programme will: Help to promote physical and mental wellbeing for your employees Create a healthier workforce that can directly impact upon your bottom line Engage, inspire and empower your team Combat absenteeism and help to increase productivity      

Our website is coming soon…2017-09-05T05:02:53+13:00